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5 stars

Best decision I made in many years!! Down 55 lbs., have my health back, and my energy level is through the ROOF!

– Brian

5 stars

Today I am wearing jeans I haven’t worn in 3 years 😁 AND 2 people at work commented (separately!) on my weight loss! I feel great!!

– Janine B.

5 stars

I just got off the scale, and I’ve reached a number this morning that I have not seen for easily 10-15 years!!! To say that I am excited is a tremendous understatement! I am beyond thrilled. 

Doing the VitaLife program was the BEST decision ever. Thank you to my coaches Danielle and Jessica, and all of you in this group for your support, encouragement, suggestions and recipes. ❤❤

I feel healthy, strong, and full of energy! 

Cheers to less of all of us in the coming days! 🥂 

(Btw, just finished second round of Lose It- weight loss to date: 63.3 lbs) 

– Jennifer L.

5 stars

I had blood work done on Day 39 of the VitaLife program.
For comparison, here are my numbers from Feb 2018:
LDL 131, Triglycerides 113, TOTAL Cholesterol 19

Day 39 (March 2019) numbers:
LDL 72, Triglycerides 86, TOTAL Cholesterol 12

I am the talk of the doctor’s office, and I have no doubt that the VitaLife program is a huge reason why!

– Carla Z.

5 stars

This program works! I am down 53 pounds in 4 months. I feel like a new person!! 

– Jean S.

5 stars

VitaLife has changed my life completely. I went into this program yes of course wanting to lose some weight but mostly wanting to change my lifestyle. I have learned to make my own nutrition a priority and has taught me so much about myself and the mind/body connection. My incredible coach told me I would start to crave veggies and i didn’t believe it but it’s the truth. After 3 months I’ve shed 20 lbs and I feel so much more energetic, have eliminated the gastrointestinal pain I have been experiencing for over 25 years and most importantly have learned how to maintain a healthy vital body and lifestyle.

– Heather S.

5 stars

I rang in my 40th birthday content with all aspects of my life except my weight. Still struggling to lose the baby weight from a pregnancy 7 years ago was not sitting well with me, and neither was the fact that I was outgrowing my wardrobe. After trying many different weight loss programs including WW and Isagenix, I decided to try VitaLife. I was tired of the very slow weight loss I was experiencing with the other programs and was ready to get myself some new clothes! Motivated by the fact that VitaLife would the weight off quickly and then reset my metabolism is was what hooked me – and then seeing the weight loss was what motivated me to stick with it. The first few days were tough, my body definitely detoxed! After that it was smooth sailing and I found myself down 15lbs in 20 days. After the weight loss period was over, I had lost my sugar and carbohydrate cravings and am happy to say several months later the weight is still off and the craving are absent. I feel like my overall health has improved and hearing people’s compliments is a fantastic feeling. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready to rip the band-aid off and be the weight they want in 40 short days! 

– Colleen C.

5 stars

VitaLife is a lifestyle where I’ve lost the weight I need to and I’m also learning how to eat for optimal health and wellness. The difference between this and all the other programs that I’ve tried is that VitaLife is practical and sustainable! And, Danielle from South Bay Wellness is extremely knowledgeable and patient.

– Carolyn M.